2002-03-16 05:40:49 (UTC)

The Worst Kind of Bad Advice

I was somone to remind me of this the next time I go to
Katie for advice. I always felt as if for some reason we
saw things at the same level but we don't, not even close.
To tell you the truth though ive know for a while, just I
dont know why I did not want to realize it. I tried last
night to talk to her about what I should do about everone
thats been giving me grief for a while, and the people that
im just not sure about. She wanted me to just leave
everyone, she never liked any of my friends. This soon
turned into a fight, where she just things people arent
worth it. Worth the time worth the effort, but my question
is, then who is? I tell her of what makes me happy, the
people around me, the ones still trying to be there for me,
and she questions that. She never found the sense in
anything. If people arent why we are here, then why are we
not put here alone. We fought for about an hour until I had
to leave. I dont know how much of the sleepyness is talking
now but this is how I see things now, this is the person
who I am. I dont want to be seen as a jerk or an ass cause
im not, im a person who would do anything for his friends,
I do my best and if thats what you ask of me thats what you
get, I dont take crap from people, but I dont pick fights,
im a hopless romantic a dreamer, who just wants his chance
at love, I believe in fate, destiny, and what you have to
work for is always the better thing, I want a girl who
knows me, because katie never did