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2002-03-16 05:28:13 (UTC)


To God be all glory.

Being eighteen hasn't been different, "privilege" wise.
Maybe i'm complaining.. um.. just it's spring break.. a
Friday night.. and haven't been on here all day and really
wanted to check my mail..and 'cause it's 11:20.. i have to
hurry..i'm shocked i'm on now.

I've been studying for my test on Monday and Tuesday..
really would love to have you guys pray for me! It's
consuming my mind.

A lot has happened today and will soon.. just wanted to get
on here to say I'm still alive and will hopefully hear from
you guys soon.

Really thinking and deciding a lot right now.... thank
Jesus for true friends... those are so forever hard to
find.. amazing i have a few..

I wish i wasn't so dumb! Heh. Trying..

God bless you..


"..... i wish you out of the question.. and be....." -
Nickel Creek.

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