1 day in a life as it dies
2002-03-16 05:18:07 (UTC)

today blew

I had to go to the DMV for some odd reason something went
wrong with my records when they were changing software and
they called me to come down only to have my licence taken
away from me, then I got bitched at all the way home cuz my
mom had to dive me there and back then when I got home I
got bitched at more by my g-mom I had enough and got in my
jeep and went to the beach for like an hour then I came
home packed as much stff as I could in 5 min and tried to
run away only to have my jeep stall out and not start back
up less then a block from home after I pushed the fucker
home I got on and used a new phone card I got to call some
people I called Rosie and left a message wanting to say I
am sorry for what? I have no idea but I didnt say it anyway
I talked to her tonight on AIM and said goodbye to her I am
just sick of her I guess idk. but its all over now and
there is no way I am going back.