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2002-03-16 03:51:02 (UTC)

Not much to say today...

I don't have much to say today. Except that Kayne was on
and that was good. He had to leave within like 10 minutes
but that was okay cause I still got to talk to him. Word is
Bane is gonna be put on hold until the guys make some cash.
He might go to this job in Virginia. Yes, Virginia. I was
astonnded too. But whacha gonna do?

Other then that, we have our annual Theatre Tech play,
semester project, and yesterday we were to find out who we
are cast as cause the auditions were over. Well I got
preety happy cause I got the lead with this other girl.
We're in like every scene so we are gonna have to do
blocking everyday. This way, we wouldn't have a backstage
job, which would be very unfair to everyone. So the teacher
decided there will be two of us taking turns on stage. Once
one will do the show, while the other is the house manager,
or deals with lights, and then we switch for the next show.
Stuff like that. Even though it is an ensamble play, where
I know each member of the cast is as important as the next,
I still say I got the lead role cause, well The Odyssey is
about Odysseus, even if a whole cast is needed to make the
show come alive. I'm super happy cause I never get leads.
This time though, when we got the scrypt, I was like yeah,
I'm gonna get the part of Odysseus since I learned last
year that I'm good with tough roles. Besides, there wasn't
really much competition.
I started laughing at what some people were cast as though.
Like there is this one girl that sits by me. She's a
sophomore, in Theatre Tech 1 and is practically monotonous
in anything she does. There is this other guy who has no
enthusiasm for any performance, and does each part like the
next. Well they both got cast as the voices of the dead.
Which is funny cause it fits them perfectly. They don't
have much lines, and they can speek as monotonously as they

I started checking out some Yoga online. Before I start
really doing it, I wanna know all there is about it. So I
started reading about it on this really informative
website. It lists all there is to know from what is yoga to
the technical terms, and things associated with it. Which
is really, really cool. They are either updating or newly
adding alot of features though. Which is real cool, but I
just can't wait to read it. Besides it's like half their
website under sonstruction. Other then that, they don't
have pictures for all the poses, there are about 100 in
total. They have 30. They just added the scorpion pose,
which I'm hoping to learn eventually. Which would be really
cool if we were in college.(roomies) You, Mark, Andrew and
I. Thing is, that it is best to do Yoga at sunrise. I'm
most definatley not a morning person though. I'm getting
better. If my mom is hired permenatly at the place she is
working, then she can wake me up every day at 6:00 a.m.
It's close enough to morning. Then I can do and hour or
more worth of excersises, and start off each day feeling
very connected to my body, mind and something else. Plus it
helps something I really need. Concentation! Like wasn't
this paragraph suppose to be about my roomies? I don't
know. I do know though, that it was suppose to be short. I
do have to add one more thing in atleast.

I miss you Teresa. I keep daydreaming in class and well,
everywhere now, how cool it would be to vistit you for
spring break, and later for us to live together. FINALLY!!!
I can't wait to meet Mark and Andrew though. I think I'll
get along with Andrew, but I gotta get to know Mark.
Ofcourse first you gotta talk him into moving in with us. I
hope all works out well.

Oh one more thing. You know that whole goals to accomplish
thing before high school? Well my friend is trying to hook
me up with a job as a telemarketer. The boss is on break
though for some time. Which is kinda good cause it gives me
time to prepare for hectic schedules. If I do get the job
that is. I'm hoping, it would be cool. And if so, I'm
hoping I won't get fired after 3 weeks. (Cause that's what
happens if within that time no one buys the service.) I
really can't wait till I'll be all set and ready to go to
start off my deal with the devil thing. Well that's way
over enough. I'll go. Chow!!!


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