My Story
2002-03-16 03:22:11 (UTC)

My Life (a general story)

Dear Diary,
Since this is my first entry I thought I'd come all out.
(Notice title) Where to start hum..... Parents...parents
are....well I'm sure you all know the story we've all had
to deal with them. It's not my dad so much it's more my
mom. My mother is quite posibly the most difficult person
to live with. She's a complete perfectionest, constant
complainer and just down right cruel sometimes, okay most
of the time. It's not really her fault though in a weird
inconsipuous sort of way. When she was little my
granparents were very strict, very old fashioned too. They
let my uncle get soplied while my Mom wasn't ever aloud to
do much. (because of course the whole "girl" issue) My
Mother spends about half her time counting the flase
between my dad and I. Between the both of us we can never
seem to do anything right, and when we do it's completly
over looked. My dad and I sometimes in some odd metiforical
way gang up on my mother, in her mind of course. It's
doesn't really happen this way it's just that he's easier
to talk to and get along with. I can see a few things
thought that I know irritates my mom and in some weird way
I understand without REALLY understanding. Like he's a
total percrastinator, and very open minded whitch is good
for me but doesn't really fit with my mom's "I'm right end
of discusion" thing but......what can you do. Well I'm done
for tonite tommorrow, I'll give you more about a new
dimison completely different, yet utterly the same to this
at home home life I like to call school. Then I'll tell
you all about how the world colide and give me this blur
that I'm left with. Then I'll give you all the info on my
friends and a very special person (whom by the way I just
kinda messed-up with, course I can never do anything
right). Then comes the broken fairy tale and all the stuff
inbetween and behind the scenes that people just can't seem
to see behind the mask I put on every morning when I wake
up. But that's it for now.