The quietest friend
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2002-03-16 01:18:33 (UTC)


I never knew
that love could feel like this.
A feeling so great
that it rushes from the heart.

I never knew
I could care about someone
the way I care about you.

I know though
all of these feelings
are possible because of you.

I know that
you are the only person
who can affect me like this.

To make me think of you
all of the time,
the moments we've shared together.

I know that
I found someone special.
Someone who can hold
my heart in his hands.

I know that
love is a feeling like no other.
So powerful
you would do anything for that person.

Thank you for helping me realize that
all of these things are possible.

Thank you for helping me to know.

Thank you for loving me so.