Shack of Candles
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2002-03-15 23:53:45 (UTC)

Spring Break Update

Well, my spring break has I've spent just
about every waking moment with my wonderful boyfriend,
Kyle. I don't think I'll ever get tired of being with him,
even if it's for the 20 mins before class each day. Kyle
and I have watched alot of DVD's but haven't actually
accomplished anything big this week, which is a good
thing. The only thing that I just now remember that was
big for this week was I went to a local community college
to ask them question before I enroll there for a semester.
I can't wait to start college, then I'll have more of a
freedom than I do now. Damnit, I'm 18 and I had to be home
every night this week at 10pm!! WHAT THA F*CK! Other than
that, I've been chilling.

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