my pathetic life
2002-03-15 23:36:20 (UTC)


people dont seem to understand me. most people think they
do, then ill do something and totaly throw them off track.
i think this is part of the reason people feel
uncomfortable with me. it seems that people dont like
things to change, they like routine. example...most peoples
favorite color is blue or red etc. but not me, my favorite
color is plaid. dont fight with me on this plaid is a
color. since i go to a privet school the kids at school c
me in a uniform each day, its funny to see their faces when
they see me outside of school. sometimes i will wear big
pants and a band t-shirt then the next day ill be wearing a
hair bow and an abercrombie shirt. i dont see anything
starnge about it. i am very concerned with they way i
look. if i dont think i look right, or im not happy or
comfortable in my cloths i wont wear them. im very much
like a "prep" in this way but still like a "punk" cuz if
some1 doesnt like my outfit, it doesnt matter. i like it.
i dont like it when people put limits on things. y try to
stop something? if u dont like it dont do it and dont mess
with people who do do it. y do people feel the need to
"get" other people? habits, y do we do them, whats the
purpose, how did they start. well ill give some advice, if
ur not happy do something about it and if it turns out to
not make it better do something else, dont sit there and
complain, do something about it. there's nothing worse than
a person who complains but does nothing about it.

your lovely quote...
and it took bites out of her insides till she was just a
hollow shell. she grew up in east LA watching celebrities
living out all of her dreams. The plastic canopy of US
royalty drew her gaze towards the sky and away from her own
-saves the day