Corruption in all its beautiful forms..
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2002-03-15 23:36:17 (UTC)

Today i got arrested

I was suspended right, i go to school, get outta my
suspension go to first hour and everythings good, i got
some pills from my boy at school, im excited. Then during
second hour, the dean came and got me, he had my purse that
i lost, so i think everythings cool, he brings me to his
office and says he found weed in my purse, he found a
couple seeds on the bottom and im gettin in trouble which i
found bs, but whatever the police came in, they searched my
jacket found my pills, 750 mg muscle relaxers 10 of em, so
i get arrested, handcuffed in the deans office and brought
through the school with everyone staring, and into the
police care, i went to the station and he wrote a report.
Now i have to go to court, who knows what ill get, its
stupid muscle relaxers and a couple seed and im charged
with possesion and the intent to sell, which i wasnt
planning on doing. My mom got me at 4, when i could finally
get ahold of her, in MI they take the handcuffs off you
when you get in the station, not here, he put them in front
of me, which was actually nice of him, cuz he wasnt
supposed to, it sucked, today sucks. Josh got searched cuz
he had my jacket and almost went to jail too, i feel so
bad, and his mom's kinda mad. I may be expelled from school
i dont know yet. Life get worse i know it, it doesnt feel
like it right now though.

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