Pure Belligerence
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2001-05-13 20:12:59 (UTC)

*Shes baaaaack*

On friday whytne called me after not having talked to me
for 4 months because she felt bad for "not talking to me
after the whole slapping incident and she has been trying
to get ahold of me for weeks but i never pick up my phone
(i never pick up my line because people who call me on that
line always annoy me, and she knows the other # so....) and
blah blah blah "remember how good of friends we used to
be..." so yeah she called me like 5 time on friday because
she wanted me to do something with her and 3 other people,
but i wasnt really wanting to do anything with her. I dont
know if she called me because she wanted to be friends
again or something else so i'll wait and see if she calls
again and then i'll know shes has good intentions....

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