Behind these Hazel Eyes
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2000-12-13 02:34:31 (UTC)

Convo between "Jason" and Grant..

Convo between "Jason" and Grant
12/12/2000SGChunk01: DUDE long time no see
toolboxrulz: what up
SGChunk01: hows life
toolboxrulz: yeah I know
toolboxrulz: pretty good
SGChunk01: awesome aweomse.... still seeing Wiggins
toolboxrulz: Ohhhhhhhhh yeah
SGChunk01: awesome to that too... me and Heather broke up
toolboxrulz: that sux
SGChunk01: yeah... but i guess it means no spending 100
dollars on her for christmas
toolboxrulz: tru dat
SGChunk01: haha sorry bout that dude, cant get out of it
for you can ya
SGChunk01: haha
toolboxrulz: I've already got everything
SGChunk01: what did you get here
SGChunk01: her
toolboxrulz: a ring
SGChunk01: a ring
SGChunk01: WOW
toolboxrulz: yup
toolboxrulz: creative huh?
SGChunk01: Wow dawg! nah serisously thats commitment what
does it look like
toolboxrulz: haha
toolboxrulz: I can't remember
SGChunk01: serisouly.... must mean a lot to you
toolboxrulz: she does
SGChunk01: haha you think she will like it
toolboxrulz: more than I thought
toolboxrulz: I hope
SGChunk01: more than you thought??
SGChunk01: you mean you use to not htink that much of her
toolboxrulz: oh no
toolboxrulz: I just never realized how much she meant to me
until recently
SGChunk01: why what happened
toolboxrulz: and I'm sure I still don't realize it all
toolboxrulz: alot
SGChunk01: like
toolboxrulz: we had a few arguments
SGChunk01: haha yeah i see ya there! haha what about
SGChunk01: what did you do...... or what did she SAY you did
toolboxrulz signed off at 7:59:35 PM.
toolboxrulz signed on at 7:59:51 PM.
SGChunk01: what did you do...... or what did she SAY you did
toolboxrulz: haha....
SGChunk01: haha what
toolboxrulz: I was just bein' a jerk I guess
SGChunk01: you guess
SGChunk01: were you
toolboxrulz: probably
SGChunk01: what did you do
SGChunk01: kiss another girl???
toolboxrulz: oh. nothin' like that
SGChunk01: right right
toolboxrulz: I didn't
toolboxrulz: I couldn't do that
SGChunk01: haha i did
SGChunk01: but i was drunk
toolboxrulz: that's always good
toolboxrulz: oh
SGChunk01: and she was my ex and we were trying to get to
be friends again... haha i dont htink that helped the sitz
toolboxrulz: who was it?
toolboxrulz: Laci?
SGChunk01: that i cheated on
toolboxrulz: :-P
toolboxrulz: Ohhhhhhh
toolboxrulz: u cheated on Laci with someone else
SGChunk01: haha yeah big jerk right
toolboxrulz: haha
toolboxrulz: big mistake
toolboxrulz: she didn't break up with u though
SGChunk01: haha your telling me, laci is HOT now.....
nope... im a sweet talker and a smooth kisser
toolboxrulz: dah well...... I guess it all ended up good in
the end
toolboxrulz: ;-)
SGChunk01: haha for you!~
SGChunk01: so you think Laci will like the ring
toolboxrulz: yup
toolboxrulz: I think so............ but who knows.... she
might not even take it..... might not be ready for it
SGChunk01: and you dont remember what it looks liek????
SGChunk01: doe it look like a promise ring
toolboxrulz: yeah
toolboxrulz: u can tell pretty much
SGChunk01: silver or gold
toolboxrulz: oh silver
SGChunk01: big or little
toolboxrulz: little
SGChunk01: so its simple,, and a small stone right
toolboxrulz: no stone.... couldn't find anything with one
it it that was small
SGChunk01: so what does it have
toolboxrulz: what do u mean
SGChunk01: she use to always like simple.. i assume she
still does... i mean is it simply a band or does it have a
heart, rose, flower... haha should have gotten one with a
toolboxrulz: two daisies and a heart.... and the band is
kinda the vine for the daisies
SGChunk01: haha yeah! Daisies are the way to go, where did
you get it
toolboxrulz: haha
SGChunk01: haha
SGChunk01: ??? why do you laugh when i ask a question
toolboxrulz: Holders....... we know a guy and he got it
shipped on rush
toolboxrulz: long storry
SGChunk01: haha... so... here is the ????? how much
toolboxrulz: hmmmmmm
toolboxrulz: $45.00 for the ring
SGChunk01: nice !
toolboxrulz: it's okay
SGChunk01: no i am saying good job... leaving christmas
with less than 50 dollars
toolboxrulz: haha
toolboxrulz: but I still have an engraving for the ring and
this other thing I'm getting her
SGChunk01: Engraving! good god boy... what is it going to
toolboxrulz: I'm not sure
toolboxrulz: not alot
toolboxrulz: it's like .75 cents a letter
SGChunk01: put.............. My love will end when this
ring finds a stoping point
SGChunk01: haha gay!!
toolboxrulz: haha
SGChunk01: nah..... what esle are you doing
SGChunk01: haha im a shit full of nosieness i know
toolboxrulz: getting her a Christmas ornament
SGChunk01: ohhhhhhhhh how cute! haha
toolboxrulz: just something I can get every year
SGChunk01: why
SGChunk01: haha assuming you will last that long
toolboxrulz: oh we will
toolboxrulz: no doubt about it
SGChunk01: haha
SGChunk01: well lets change the subject... haha its
depressing me
toolboxrulz: what?
SGChunk01: haha when i gave her a ring ( just for
friendship) she told me taht she didnt want it and through
it back at me,,, haha NOW she is about to accept it from you
toolboxrulz: I hope
SGChunk01: haha........ oh well
SGChunk01: memories
toolboxrulz: u talkin' to her?
SGChunk01: nope
toolboxrulz: ah
SGChunk01: haha no worries dude, my lips are sealed
toolboxrulz: k
SGChunk01: haha.... so do you know what she is getting you
toolboxrulz: oh yeah..... what ever happened to that
shock..... there's been a couple of times I could use it
toolboxrulz: nope
SGChunk01: really like when??? oh..... I KNOW WHAT IT IS
toolboxrulz: do u?
SGChunk01: yup
SGChunk01: wanna know wwhat it is
SGChunk01: you know you want to
toolboxrulz: hmmmmm...... dang fool don't do that
toolboxrulz: nah I don't wanna know
SGChunk01: are you sure!!!!!!!!!!
SGChunk01: haha arent you just a little curious
toolboxrulz: haha........ yeah.... I can wait another 13
toolboxrulz: yeah i am
toolboxrulz: but it's cool
SGChunk01: nah seriously.......
SGChunk01: you wanna be perpared
toolboxrulz: nah seriously.... I'll just let her surprise me
SGChunk01: im about to tell ya
toolboxrulz: don't
toolboxrulz: seriously
SGChunk01: It is
SGChunk01: .............
toolboxrulz: dang fool
toolboxrulz: don't
SGChunk01: Wild Dirty SEX
SGChunk01: is that wat you wanted
toolboxrulz: she already gave me that
toolboxrulz: ;-)
SGChunk01: NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!
SGChunk01: are you serisou
toolboxrulz: nope
toolboxrulz: haha
SGChunk01: loser!
toolboxrulz: haha
SGChunk01: seriosuly have you yet
toolboxrulz: oh no
SGChunk01: really....... thats awesome... im sorry man
SGChunk01: you can have heather now if you want her
toolboxrulz: uhhhhhhhhh......
toolboxrulz: I'll stick with Laci
toolboxrulz: thanx though
SGChunk01: haha ok
SGChunk01: alrighty dude im out
SGChunk01: i iwll talk to you later
toolboxrulz: aighty
toolboxrulz: peace out
SGChunk01: peace out!!!!!!!!!!

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