mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-03-15 22:27:08 (UTC)


I am a catholic, that is a sorry subject at moment. I have
some serious issues with being a catholic.
It is a teaching of the catholic church that you are not
supposed to put anything before God. To do that is a sin.
Yet, the catholic church does it all the time. For example,
lets take "Holy Days of Obligation" these are MAN
MADE "HOLY DAYS" if you dont go to church on these days it
is a mortal sin. -- Well, most people work and cant make it
to church, so - is that a sin ?? How is it that the church
leaders can take it upon themselves to create these days
and declare them "Holy Days"? The leaders of the church are
human men , how is it that they get to play God ??
Why is it a sin not to go to confession ?? Why can't you
confess your sins directly to God in prayer ?? Why is it a
sin to remarry if your 1st marriage sin't "annuled" by the
church ?? How can the church say you are still married if
your marriage isnt anulled ?? According to the church,
homosexuality is a sin, so what does the church do to all
the priest that molest boys and men ?? They reassign them
to another parish, where they can molest again. Yes, I do
believe in God, and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, Yes my
faith is very strong, God has gotten me through many low
points in my life. But, the catholic church is definately
pushing me away. Each parish makes it own rules as to how a
couple can get married, what kind of ceremony they can
have , and each parish can even make its own rules for how
sacrements are delivered. I object to the rules that my son
is bein put through to make his confirmation. I think he is
doing very well, but they think otherwise.Each church can
even decide about what can or cant go into a funeral
service. What is called the catholic church is for the most
part a SHAM ! It is a JOKE !! Im sorry if I offended
anyone, but this is my opinion, and I am entitled to it..