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2002-03-15 19:39:21 (UTC)

Dance 2nite...


Being one who doesn't exactly enjoy school get-togethers, I
am not exactly thrilled. However, different people are
saying I should go, where as the selected few don't "seem
to care". It's sad, because the more I think about it, the
more confused I get. For example: Why does Alexis get mad,
when she's NOT mad? That's what I hear, and that is what
makes no sense. Another example: Why does everyone say she
is jealous, but then ISN'T when someone TELLS her she is? I
want to believe her, but I also don't believe her because
if someone else was moving in on your "person", wouldn't
you be pissed off? She was mad before anyone even called
her jealous! I didn't even do anything. I don't see why no
matter what, it's my fault. My family motto: "I can't win."
I think I'll go anyways. I wish Alexis would as well,
because the outcome would be interesting. But the MORE i
think about things, it feels like I want her to be jealous.
Thinking really sucks on long weekends...