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2001-05-13 19:06:45 (UTC)

cute boys with dreds

so i came home to visit my parents for a few weeks between
school and the summer session. i was thouroughly expecting
it be boring and tedious like it usually is, at least
lately. it seems to me that my friends from home are not
doing much, they're just not all that interesting anymore.
most of them tried to go to school but ended up dropping
out or getting kicked out. so i guess i feel like for the
most part they either resent me or are jealous or think i
am an egotistical bitch. oh well so this time i come home,
i'm still home by the way, and its cool, all my old friends
are being fun and not boring and we're going out and doing
things, in great contrast to the months of three's company
watching that went on during the school year.

there's this really cool boy we all call miz and i've known
him forever. but he has always had a girl and i've just
been friends with him. so now he's sans girl and he's bein
real cute to me. he just recently dredded his hair, it
used to be so gorgeous, long and curly, but now it looks
nappy and stuff, its really cool though, cuz curly hair
dreds real weird. we were at a party last night and there
were no cups left so he offered to share with me and he
told me i looked beautiful. i did look pretty good, i went
shopping yesterday which is one of the things i hate most
in life but i bought some really cool stuff and i kind of
looked like a rock star. so i don't know what's up with
miz but i guess we'll see.

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