Is the Supercross season not here yet?
2002-03-15 18:17:56 (UTC)

Its About Freaking Time!

Yep, well, we had a late start for school today, cause it
snowed like 7 inches last night. I have a double lunch, so
instead of doing my bok report I'm writing this. Let's see
alot has happened in the last week it seems like. I got my
license, worked my second full week at Subway, want on
a 'date', and yeah. So... Yep. I'm not looking forward to
work tonight, but *little hearts pop around her head* Jon
will be there ;) hehe... Sad, I know.
Well, Daytona SX kinda sucked. Speed's coverage was lame,
and I could have done a better job narrating. Travis yet
again DNFed, lost consciousnes... and won't be racing this
weekend at New Orleans. So I figure with my luck, he will
break something before Salt Lake. And I won't get to see
him race. Grrrr *growls* Life's a bitch sometimes.
I'm finally getting over my cold, I can finally breathe
thru my nose, and I'm not talking like I'm underwater all
the time now. So, that's kinda a good thing.
Mike is still eating in the LMC all by himself at lunch,
its sad. I feel sorry for him, but I really don't want to
go talk to him, so oh well...
I rode home with Minnie yesterday, scary. I thought Phi
was a scary driver. Oh My Lord! Not even close. But as
you can see I survived, and I can start driving my self to
school after Spring Break, finally. Maybe I'mm carpool
with Becky or something.
I skipped Algebra yesterday, so I'm just hoping that Cibly
wont call me to his office. I'm a horrible liar. Its all
good. Well, I guess I'll close. My life is a bit busy
right now, and I need to do a butt load of homework.