a rop through my mind....
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2002-03-15 17:56:00 (UTC)

home :)


chem test: check
back work due: almost check
stats adjunct finally learning how to teach: check
one hour of sleep last night: check
3.5 hour drive coming up: check
all things unpluged from wall: check
food out of fridge: check
trash in dumpster: check
going to loose any remaing energy half way home:check

good news is that i get to go home today...good food and a
more comfy bed, friends from home, my family....FREE
LAUNDRY! yeah, it'll be good to go home again, havent' been
there since january, ech, no biggie persay, but as for right
now i've had more than enough pettyness for the time being
and would like a break!

catch you on the flip side