2002-03-15 16:50:02 (UTC)

YAWNYAWNYAWN i am soooo sleepy...

i am soooo sleepy.
i just called and im getting an oil change today. yay for
that. im so overdue for one...poor car. i love it so much
and im so mean to it sometimes =(
emilys at the beach. yay for her. shes wanted to go for
awhile now and its a pretty day so im happy for her =)
i just got done with my last class and so now i am on
SPRING BREAK. FUCK YEAH MAN. hehe. and my teacher gave us a
little bit longer to fget this research paper done. and IM
almost done with my concept paper for humanites. and...i
found out today that my project in sex class isnt due for
like another month. which gives me a little time. and...my
other paper for humanites on andy w isnt going to be due
until april 15 i believe. so...fuck yeah man for that. not
that i still dont have a whole fucking lot to do. but now
it seems like i have more time and i might actually be able
to enjoy some of my spring break without feeling too
unproductive. yay.
im getting ready to go to lunch with mommy and thats
happiness. i love her so much and i never really get to see
her all that often anymore because of her schedule with
work. but she didnt work last night and so that means that
shes going to be awake today and that means that i get to
actually talk to her and shit. yay for that as well.
emily works tonight and i so im not sure if im going to be
able to see her or not. i hope so. i work tomorrow. blah.
fuck that. but i think i might just spend tonight doing
more homework and shit. its good for me to get as much done
right now as i can. SIGH.
sandy will be back in town tomorrow. and i cant wait to see
her. i doubt ill see her tomorrow but maybe sunday or
monday. whenever. it doesnt matter im just happy that i get
to see her.
robin is the cutest fucking girl in the entire world and im
supposed to see her today hopefully. shes adorable.
indecisive people seem to just swarm around me. and im
getting a little over maknig all of the decisions. RAH.
mommy wont even tell me where she wants to go for lunch. i
swear man. i am the only person that makes decisions
anymore lol.
alright peace out yo

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