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2002-03-15 16:08:29 (UTC)


Well I haven't typed in here for a while so I guess I will
know since I have absolutely nothing to do and the kid
beside me is gay, his name is Adam Kinney. He is such a
douche bag. Soccer has started. It is kinda stupid but I
hope everything will get better. Some of the girls on the
team are pretty cool. I just hope that we don't suck and I
get a starting position or i'm going to be highly pissed at
Chad. Jay and I are still together!!!! Yeah!!!! I love that
boy to death. We are going to get married someday. Well I
hope so, I really want to be with him forever. I can't wait
till prom. Mom is suppose to give me money to get my dress
this weekend and after soccer practice Jess and I are going
shopping. Yippy!!! I really need some new clothes. Amanda
gets to come home with me tonite, cuz I guess her mom is in
new york and she needs a ride to work. I love amanda to
death she is great. If I ever need to tell somebody
something i can tell her cuz i dont' have to worry about
her running her mouth. Natasha finally decided to come to
school. It was boring at lunch w/ out her. Well nothing
else to say.

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