Home Stretch
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2001-05-13 17:07:57 (UTC)

Today if the first day of the rest of your life

Junior prom was yesterday, and considering I was the only
sophmore guy invited, I should feel ecstatic, but I don't.
The only girl I have ever liked decide to show up with her
boyfriend. I was so glad to see her, but ask her to
dance? I think not. I mean I would've, but I am terrified
of rejection, and the fact that this girl is so beautiful
make rejection feel like the worst thing in the world.
There is an overwhelming feeling inside me everytime I see
her. You know? That feeling where you just want to be the
best person you can be? Self determination, and pride.
This girl is the reason I live each day. I wish I could
tell her this, but I am dead terrified to. It's just hard
to know I'll never get the chance to say she's mine. This
girl is just, well she, I just love her, and I wish that I
could show her! It hurts so much inside, and the feeling
of being turned down by the one girl I have ever loved just
makes me want to break down, and tell her how much I enjoy
her presence around me. It's just so hard...

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