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2002-03-15 14:54:40 (UTC)

All Grown Up...

So last night I was getting ready for bed and the phone
rings. Kim answered and started talking so of course I
thought it was for her. Why I assume that I will never know
because when Phil calls here they always talk to one another
anyways. So it was Phil and apparently he was all excited
because he had bought himself a house. OMG! My little baby
bro owns his own house. Wow. He couldn't get over that
himself. I think I am in shock just cuz he's like my baby
brother and I just remember him being so much younger than
me. That and I don't have my own house or anything so it's
weird. He's growing up before my very eyes. Weird.
Oh yeah and my hypochondriasis is working on hyperdrive
because I have been having pains in my stomach and then when
I went to the bathroom, I was bleeding and I don't mean
period-type bleeding, I mean from the other end. Freaky. If
it's still happening today I'll have to think about getting
it checked out because that could be a sign of an ulcer. I
always said I'd have an ulcer before the age of 30 just cuz
I worry myself sick.
Anyhoo, I'm outtie.

Current mood: in awe
Current music: news on the Wolf