Like A Frightened Rabbit
2002-03-15 13:49:57 (UTC)

new day

hi.feel even worse today. i am forcing myself to come to
college coz i'll go mad if i don't. phil is getting better.
i saw him last night and he was lying on the floor. i just
held his head on my knee for four hours and he cried
sumtimes and i wiped away his tears. he was drooling and
stuff and coffing up blood i just wiped it away and kissed
him. he calmed down as time went on and he ate sum tomato
soup. before jack took me home he took hold of my had and
he tried to speak but his lips are all dry and it made him
cough. but he looked into my eyes and squeezed my hand. i
know wat he meant.
its killing me to see him like this.