My life as Trick
2002-03-15 13:33:51 (UTC)

Congratulations, Trick, it's a.....

Ok.. House update.

Jennifer may be moving to Florida for a new position within
her company - and would be leaving behind a 5 bedroom, 3
bath house with a dining room, sun room, office, kitchen,
and playroom. There's a back yard, and carport, and a
storage room.

For minimal rent - less than we're paying now. For the 2
BR, 1.5 bath townhouse.

That would put Me, Jeffy, and Trey in a spot where we could
all live without being on each other's toes.

So what's the catch?

We would inherit a few things.

All of her furniture until she decides to move it.
2 dogs.
4 cats.
1 pigeon.
1 10-ft long python.
and... AND.
2 teenage boys.

Two. Teenage. Boys.

Her oldest, Aubrey, is 18. He's almost out of school, and
ready to be on his own. There is really no need for him to
leave, as he plans on attending college here next year. He
has a girlfriend, and will probably be on his own by the
end of the summer.

The problem is Brendan. Brendan is 16 years old, and as he
gets older, he gets more and more aggressive. He thinks
it's cool to do fun things like smash in windows and start
fights. He went to jail twice last year for stupid shit
like shoplifting and breaking and entering.

Now, while I've known this kid for 6 or 7 years, and I know
that he's not going to steal anything of mine for fear of
my shattering his kneecaps (and yes, I would), I don't know
that the absence of his mother is going to be a good thing.

The father is an abusive drunk at best, and I know that I
don't have the parenting skills to keep a plant alive.

She and I are meeting tonight with Trey and possibly Jeffy
to work out the details, but I have a feeling that she's
going to push for his staying here. She wants to write up
a "contract" that he will have to sign in order to keep
staying here, but... but...

I just don't know...

I've got to think on it more and write out all of my
concerns... not just with A. and B., but with how things
are goign to be in general. They know me from my staying
over with them 2-3 nights every couple of weeks, but they
have no clue how crazy I get when I have to LIVE with them.

O yeah. Jenn says she'll keep the maid service :)