My life as Trick
2002-03-15 13:18:21 (UTC)


The number one fear is rejection.

The number one need is acceptance.

You are capable, competent, creative, and careful.

The fact that your problems aren't on evening news doesn't
mean that they aren't important.

Fight for what you believe in. Nobody else will.

Know where you are going and how to get there. And how to
get back.

The difference between the time you drove drunk and the
time that they drove drunk is that you were fortunate
enough not to have killed someone.

Everyone is hypocritical at some point. Even you.

Life isn't fair. And all the bitching in the world isn't
going to make it that way. If you get into a place where
life isn't fair, then do something about it. Whining isn't
the answer.

Plan ahead. Don't be paranoid - just plan ahead.