writings on the wall
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2002-03-15 10:50:16 (UTC)

sex partner

i am feeling pressured about this "sex partner"
thingy. it's like i am afraid that i will not live up to
Keane's expectations. i know it sounds stupid because sex
is about enjoying yourself but when it comes to me,
pleasing my partner is more important than anything else.

i guess i am scared that Keane will be putting too
high expectations on me. sometimes i just wished that we
had not bring up this topic after all. come to think of
it, thinking that i have been dying to have sex with this
guy for almost forever & now that i have the chance, i am
having second thoughts. sigh...

on the other hand, part of me is looking forward to
fuck Keane. the anal sex & the thought that he may even
make me cum...well, no guy had ever made me cum before.
okay, not that i have had sex with a lot of guys before.
but the thought of a guy making me cum just turns me on.

ah...let's hope that this is just a horny phase for
me, that he'll change his mind about this or whatever,
we'll see. anyway, 8-10 months is still a long time to go