The Complete Life of Jason
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2001-05-13 15:12:03 (UTC)

Fifth Publishing - Apologies

For those of you, if this applies to anyone, who comes here
to read my diary daily, then I owe you my sincere apologies.

Yesterday I wanted to wait until the day was finished to
publish my entry, that way I could tell you what happened
in the day, etcetera. However, there was one small problem
with this. I fell asleep :P.

Yes, I fell asleep. So sue me. I was resting on my bed
while watching TV, and I dozed off for the night. It was
around 3:30am, if I remember correctly.

So, anotherwords, today I will be publishing two entries,
more than likely. :).

Yesterday was an alright day, nothing especially
interesting in it. A normal Saturday, if you will. Mystic,
a good friend of mine, introduced me to a Wheel of Time MUD,
(from here on out, Wheel of Time shall be WoT) which seems
to be a decent mud. Maybe I should tell you all about
Mystic. Hmmm. Nothing really personal or anything, she has
and is just a good friend, so don't assume I meant
something like that :P.

Mystic, named Kirstin in real life, and I have been friends
for well over a year. We've spent countless hours talking,
joking, and flirting, etcetera. When I used to play Avatar
frequently, we'd talk for 4 hours each day, easily, along
with two other friends of mine, Fuel and Lil. All of a
sudden she had this college thing, and would only be on
weekends mainly from then and on.

Well, NOW she seems to have come back more frequently. She
and I did not talk for around 4 months or more, easily,
because of college. She is attempting to get on more and
more now, and is doing a rather good job of it. So we're
back to interacting around three hours a day or so.

Well, now that I took up some space in my diary, I suppose
I'll head off. The summary of this entry would be:

Jason's Saturday - Normal, and don't miss the ramblings of
his about Kirstin.


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