Thoughts in the Confused
2001-05-13 14:34:52 (UTC)


I had a dream. I had not planned to make aniother entry so
soon but I had a dream about Boots . So I had to come down
and write about it.

There was some party or something my mom and dad were going
to go to or something like that. My aunt was over and she
was being weird as usaul. Then she said he had to goto the
bathroom. For some reason my bro was in bed, but it was my
parents bed. I think he was sick and Boots was still
alilve. I went over to him and my bro said taht he accidently
sat on him a little or rolled on him. So i went to Boots (our cat that died on Febuary 13th 2001)
and he looked sick so I hugged him and pulled him close.
He was a lot smaller than he was but I held him close. then
he tried to crawl toward Rob and I think we heard him say
that he was going to do what he could to stay with Rob as
long as he could. Something to the effect and that he loved
him. Then I think he started to die but it kind of ended.

That is what I wanted to put in there. I miss you Boots.

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