lost in the dark
2002-03-15 05:34:06 (UTC)


Hey Entry. Tonight is a hard night to try and give you
what timbits I have to say down. For people are around me
seem to be in turmoil. I have commented with what I know
and feel to be the right words and questions. I feel like a
stranger when I commented on what I have read. I hope
everything turns out to be on the good side.


The Stranger...

Form the darkness there comes a hand.
For the arm that is attacked to the hand there is darkness.
Forn where is hand comes, in need of help.
This hand will support you, when you feel week.
When you feel week in the knee, grab hold.
The hand will take the burden, and support you.
For the burden is but a helping in the right direction.
The direction maybe long and hard.
To see you through your times of pain.
To see you through youe times of joy.
This hand is attached to the stranger.
For the stranger is clad in darkness.


Lost in the Dark...