The Diary of Rebecca Kinser
2001-05-13 14:01:07 (UTC)

Comparing Jerks to Sweeties

Dear Diary,
My school dance was last Wednesday! IT was soooo
much fun! I slow danced for the first time....with ZACK!
Everyone thinks he likes me now and vice-versa. He didnt
totally suck at slow dancing....he just moved his feet too
much... Anyway, a few of my friends were standing around us
watching. Why couldnt they go find someone else to dance
with and stop making me so drop-dead nervous? Bad enough I
was dancing with the guy I've had a crush on forever,but
they had to watch!? Monica is trying to get me to go out
with him. I dont want to though. I think it might ruien our
friendship...( speaking from experiance of course }
He's such a sweetie though...he's so nice to
me,I can tell him almost anything,which is a hard quality
to find in a guy. See...the thing is,I dont wanna date
around. I'm totally ready for one guy. And that might
bother some people.
Friday,Eric came to the table next to mine,and
waved to some girl with frizzy hair just to tick me off.(To
make a long story short) We were practically best friends
last year,but this year he says he doesent wanna be friends
with someone that "used to like him". I'm just like,
WhAtEvEr! He is the perfect example of what you would call
an ASS HOLE! The total oppisite of his friend,Zack.
People dont just change...well...most of the
time they don't. But, Eric used to be really nice nad
probably still is. I'm just tierd of putting effort into
trying to talk to someone. I never have to do that.'s about 9:45am over here now,and I
smell bacon cooking in the kitchen,so I'm gonna go. Talk to
you tommorrow.