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2002-03-15 01:24:11 (UTC)

Heart and words - keep the faith

Thursday I went to a church and in session I prayed or meant
to do it. Well sometimes I think if how long to pray how
much temptations come. I heard again that things about how
I am wrong because could not get some company. Or being old
without have success in life. And specially for me to
abandon my friends. I think with heart and never thought
by reason. It made a good people ever. And I won battle
because of it. If a real truly friend is in danger because
of choices I will not abandon. I will be there by side to
help to save themselves. I did not lost my faith. Words
can not win heart.
Disguises come from a mind of a coward. A valent heart is
need to really won the battle of life.
I will not give up my friends. Even the voices say to
abandon them and try to make a own life. Without friends.
At end only Love and loyalty mind than words that were threw
to wind.
Tomorrow another day in paradise.

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