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2002-03-15 04:10:53 (UTC)

Goodbye to Nikki

Today went so fast, I did so much, and now the days done. I
told Nikki good bye today. Ive given up on trying to call
her, shes changed so much. After Andrew a part of her
slowly died little by little, she was like a flower
withering in the air, so confused, so lost, and she never
realy recovered herself from that. Ive know here for 4
years, and for 2 and a half of those years all I wanted was
her in my arms, now I want is for her to figure out how to
help herself. She has rejected my help, and I cant do more
for her, I tried to stand by her but was pushed away. The
last thing was the abortion, she still has not regreted it,
she still sees nothing of it, learned nothing of it, she
told me she is back in her old thing that got her in this
situation, and this all is so hard to believe. She was so
deep a part of me, one that will always remain, now a scar.
Nikki I hope you find your way, but for now, today I shead
my last tears for you