a rop through my mind....
2002-03-15 04:00:41 (UTC)

something or other.....think i used that one already..oops...


well, actually having a semi productive day, got like 2
papers written, a room mostly cleaned, all i have left to
do is study for chem, and do some last minute packing for
going home tomorrow!!!!!! yeah i can't wait to get
there...having dinner with a family friend who is like a
big brother to me, so that'll be cool...*sigh* i'm proud of
myself, apearantly i CAN do it! yay me! good things can
happen ;) got plans for spring break, i'll prolly see
Danielle, a friend since 3rd grade who i havent' seen in
FAR too long...and maybe grace, and definatly janie, and
that crew, and my sis misses me, and my mom is gonna make
mac and cheese (YUMMY!) so once i get home it'll be all
good. Oh, did i mention spring SKIING!!!!!!! woohoo!!!!

a bit of TMBG:
for years and years i wandered the earth
untill i died and went to hell.....

all this bleak dispare, it was alwys there,
untill one day it disapeared........

i won't die like chuckie won't die
but i'm not here to socialize
gotta find a new place to hang out
cuz i'm tired of living in hell
I'm a mess since you cut me out
but chuckie's arm to keeps me company.....
you could tell me we belong together,
you could tell me you belong with me,
but we've run out of things to say,
and we'll be happy anyway.......
when you take yourself for granted
feel rejected, and unwanted
know you're never just a hat.....

ah, mink car is a great album, pick it up if you get a
chance :)

take care all.....