out of reach
2002-03-15 03:47:51 (UTC)


at this moment i have this odd inexplicable feeling in the
pit of my stomach. perhaps it is just my nerves again.
they've been on edge for what seems like forever. it all
depends on what i think about really.

school is dragging on forever. i can't wait to get out. i
should be finding out about the rest of my schools soon.
although i'm pretty set at going to msu. i will most
likely hate the people at bc and villanova. though i'm not
so sure how much of a diversity of people there will be at
montclair either. it's not that hard to get into, but i'm
sure if i enroll in the honors program i will find some
geeks like me.

tonite was a most flattering night at work. i learned some
guy who works in the store thinks i'm cute. and some
friend of a co-worker wanted me hardcore. they invited me
out to dinner with them but i passed. the guy sorta
creeped me out. he seemed nice but he was like 300 lbs,
had really long hair, and a full beard. oh and he wanted
to get me drunk. he did kiss my hand and begged me to come
out with them. haha, wow, i'm sad and pretty shallow.
(i'm just not used to attention really.)

and we all follow the sun..come everyone, follow the sun.