Realizations of a 24yr old convict
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2001-05-13 09:25:38 (UTC)

Ok I think I wrote before about..

Ok I think I wrote before about this bitch flashing a
bunch of cash aroud and me telling him to spin then I wrote
the last entry about dude This is sorta a warning
not from me personaly just in genral and its to every one
out there playing like thugs or hustlers To all you real
motherfuckers out there representing in the joint on the
street my love and respect and best of luck and if your
still out put some of that cash away for a lawyer and some
soups HaHa, To every one else please check yourself and
really take a look at who you are and what your about.
Theres this dude I know fronting like hes balling out of
control, bitch I used to snort more in a day than youve
ever seen.to the X b/f please dont try and see me in
somthing thats second nature to me cause hospital bill are
expenses cost way to much and I know your all ready paying
all your cash to the X wife,and to dude fronting the cash
just dont cause sombodys gonna slap you and take it and I
hate to see grown boys start crying.
This really aint about any of them I could give a fuck
about them It just to everyone out there acting hard and
fronting Its really a two fold deal first you really dont
know who the next man is you dont know what real mother
fucker might be at the next house you go to or whos gonna
hear about who you think you are and just start gunning for
you cause you really are just a marc,I just dont think any
of us need to see anymore violance or anyone needs to feel
the pain that comes with it(look all of a sudden I have
compassion for the weak and the lame the homboys will laugh
their asses off)but as I said its two fold and mabe the
true motivation of writting this is I really just dont
wanna see another real ass mother fucker run into you and
catch a new case over some sorry ass wanna be.
One last thing I know some of you out there reading this
are going yeah thats right yeah you tell thoses lames and
wanna bes what time it is,(SOMbodys gonna shoot some feed
back about yeah thats right bro fuck a lame)
Check this out half you mothers thinking that, are the exact
bitches Im talking about.
With respect to the few real mother fuckers
and everyone else out there who aint
playing that stupid shit