ThOuGhTs Of A LoTuS ChiLd
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2002-03-15 01:51:08 (UTC)


I called manda today after skool...she sounded happy to
see me...we talked bout chris and her and mike and whats
gonna happen to em...there gonna get off easy which is
good....we also talked bout steve..he got caught selling
pills so he's prolly gonna get arrested..
Manda said she might get off work early tommorrow and we
might hang out sum..which is awesome ..i miss her
well Resident Evil finally comes to the theatres
tommorrow..me and adam are goin and seeing it at 7 ..w're
both so excited...i hope its like the game with jill and
the rest of the characters..ya never know what capcom might
throw at ya.
my friend from philly wants me to go to Laga tommorrow
night to see Frankie Bones..i'd like to go and he even said
hed pick me up but i doubt my mom will be ok with it...plus
i need to save my money...
hey i didnt sleep today! which is good...it was nice out
so i opened my windows,put on sum twiztid and cleaned my
room.then adam picked me up and we went to DQ....it was
kewl drivin around with adam...
Mike isnt talking to me like he usually does..usually we
talk non-stop when hes on...now all i can get out of him
is "ok" or "right" i dont kno whats up but i really dont
like it...mike is one of the only people i can really talk
to ...hes my boy...
i still dont feel like myself...everything seems
different and pointless ..i feel anxious all the time and
depressed...its really not a good feeling....i could have
it much worse...but then again i could be better...who