2001-05-13 09:14:12 (UTC)

am so bored

i'm like,supposed to be studying right now coz i have lotsa
homework and am going to have a french test tomorrow, but i
am so damn lazy. the sun is shining outside and i feel like
going out with matthias *swoon* but i think he's still
sleeping although it's like 11:11 am. i cant call him on
his mobile coz it's spoilt and i don't dare to call him at
home coz his mum's a funny b*tch, so says E.H. E.H's being
pretty okay about me and matthias. he likes me and wanted
me to be his girlfriend but i kinda nicely rejected him and
he knows (i think) that matthias and i like each other. and
he doesn't mind about me & matthias hanging around at his
place. oh shoot. i need to go to the loo so i'll continue
this whenever i feel like it. i wonder if anyone reads this.