ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
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2002-03-15 01:12:03 (UTC)

I cant ExpeCT N*E*ThinG

HEy, i havent written in awhile. Yesterday was like a
day in history for us cuz it seemed like everyone hated
eachother. See, we had this 'half-day' so i told
Paulina, Amber, Stix, Brittany, and Chris to come over so
we could get high and drunk. Well, Fuckin Paulina and
Amber decided to blow us all off, and so did Brittany
too. Jessica was having one of her parties and Paulina
was like ' im going to ur house' but instead she just went
and didnt even tell me, which really pissed me off. THen
Amber said she was gonna come over in like half-an-hour
after we got out of school, but she never did cuz she went
to Jessica's too. Then Brittany said she couldnt come cuz
she had to do chores (bull shit) and so it was just me,
Stix and Chris. We had no fucking alcohol cuz Paulina was
sposed to supply it and no weed Cuz Amber had our fucking
2o. so we were pretty fuckin pissed.

I fuckin am pissed at Paulina cuz my sister told
her that she should go to Jess's, so she did and just blew
me off. Shit, shows that she cares about my sis more. But
hey, she can do what ever the fuck she wants cuz im just
gonna go on with my life and i dont need her in it.
All she can do now is just bitch bitch bitch....
and me , Britt, and Stix are fucking tired of it.
Well, tomorrow im probably going to go to the gym with
Britt, Stix, and Brandi cuz they have a free guest pass or
sumthin, and Jessica said she was probably going to go
too. It will probably be good cuz im gonna
get to work off some fucking stress that i have in me right
now. Well, i guess this week did go by pretty
fast. i mean, tomorrow is going to be Friday already, and i
just want to get it over with. I've got this
fuckin test in math, a fuckin lab (again) , i have to
start this stupid project in ART, and im gonna have to do
stupid fucking long jumps, hurtles, dashes, and a whole
lotta other stupid shit in P.E. tomorrow. I can see
that my day tomorrow is already gonna suck big
time. Gawd, Im seriously trying to be more positive
about things but i cant cuz everything sux!!! I cant
wait till Spring Break. Jessica said she's probably
gonna have another party and Flogging Molly is on the
22nd which is only 8 days away!!! well, lots to do,
so later.

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