my pathetic life
2002-03-15 00:41:11 (UTC)

car alarms

well today me and my friend skiped band practice and were
hanging out at starbucks. it was fun. well the thing im
gona bitch about today is car alarms. WHY?! i cant stand
them. when they go off it makes me mad. ok if someone is
stealing from your car they're not gona stop cuz ur car
gets all annoying. ur not gona be there to stop them.
they're just loud and annoying. i do not want to go out 2
my car every time some dumbass touches my car. at least
house alarms call the cops, car alarms just beep. and the
ones that say "step away from the car" what am i all of a
sudden gona step away cuz the fucking car told me to?
idunno about u but i dont listen 2 inanament (i didnt spell
that rite did i) objects. if ur afraid of someone taking ur
stuff from ur car, dont buy a expensive car. buy a fucking
rusty old pick up, no1s gona break into that. and no1s gona
steal it.

and another thing... if u drive a convertable put down ur
windows, u look like a fucker. ok the front windows, ill
let it pass but the small triangle back ones, why? u look
like a ass, "im cool i drive a convertable but i keep my
windows up so the wind doesnt bother me" asshole, u have no
roof. u look like a idiot driven down the road with ur top
down and ur triangel windows up. ur not cool, ur an ass.

k im done, ill leave u with a quote...
"when you find yourself falling down on the inside. i will
not be suprised but i will fake it, if u cant shake it,
cant kick it"
(they're on tour, if u like emo i would stongly advise u to
go check them out)

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