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2002-03-14 23:46:07 (UTC)

Its One Great Conspiracy. And Everyone's In On It.

It seems a little TOO convenient to get my 100th entry on
what is likely to be the final entry before I go home. I
think. Little update? Well, it turns out I'm a man of few
words. Does this mean a small vocabulary? Does it mean I
don't talk a lot? Am I quiet or inadequate? Who's to say?
You'll notice a pattern of me coming home on a Thursday
night a little more upset than I ought. I blame the fact
that my pathology lecturer means a lot to me.

She clearly knows what she's talking about, isn't afraid to
speak her mind, and doesn't mince her words. All qualities
I admire. She has other admirable qualities too, but with
her being a lecturer (and almost thrice my age) I'll paper
over those. So, her opinion counts. Thus. I've still a
drastic shortfall in information for my stammering, but
this is 'obtainable' at least. I just to ensure a library
visit tomorrow. If I can do this, then my essay will not be
such a waste.

But...will I be up? Will I be packed? Will I get onto the
pub crawl? All these questions are in my mind, and none
will be answered by the end of tonight.

I'm enjoying the reading light shining from the rear of the
room tonight, too. It gives the whole thing a nicer more
mellow feel. If I had that bottle of wine I was going to
get, I would be the happiest man alive. It turns out that
such an event will not transpire, and so my mood will be
distinctly average.

And bed...

Au revoir!

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