Deep Down
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2002-03-14 23:31:51 (UTC)

My Jibberish and Nonesense

Let's see.
What's new? Hmmm.........
Nothing much. Gigs are going suprisingly well.
They seem to be piling up. I'm thinking about traveling to
the east coast this summer........hopefully, that is if I
can save up nearly enough money. There sure is a certain
someone I'd die to see if I go out that way.
*Grins and smiles a little*
My friends are all getting into (not all of them I must
first admit before they read this and shoot me) lots of bad
influences. Not the naturally ones either.
Nature is wonderful.
Nothing like taking a backpack full of a pack and towels
and just hiking to the top of a mountain and looking down
on the valley. I miss that.
I wish summer would come.
Maybe I could go back up to Tahoe.
Who knows?
One would hope.
I would love to raise a family there because of the
beautiful lake.
I just wish you'd move here, be my wife, and live life to
the fullest. I could show you.
If only.......

With all my thoughts........

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