The Nightshade Princess
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2002-03-14 22:53:59 (UTC)

Mood swings

Ye Gods... I am having quite a day with my mood
swings. I ended up at the dentist's in first period
instead of fourth as I should have, so when they called me
to check out, I was - needless to say - quite shocked. As
I packed everything back into the rolling suitcase that I
use for a backpack (I have too much to carry any other
way), I began to wonder who died. It turns out they simply
moved my appointment.. oh well, better luck next time. I
got Subway on the way back, and mother took me to a little
thrift store in which I had hoped to find the fingerless
net and lace gloves I had wanted for prom, but I hadn't had
a chance to visit the store in several months, and it turns
out that they were not there! I was so very mad. It looks
as though I am going to have to sew a pair myself. I can't
believe anyone else in my little town would buy something
so obscure. They were so lovely and so very delicate and
fragile-looking. I now have to wait until I get lace in
order to finish them, and I have to make them without a
pattern. That is going to be a bitch and a half. I think
I have a pattern that may work, and I cut out one glove,
but It's really hard to tell without having sewn it yet.
My moods are shifting so fast it's almost exhausting and it
seems I am draining everyone around me.
I am not getting a corset either, but that's ok I
guess. I already am getting my hair and nails done, and
also a pedicure, so it's not a total loss. My hoop skirt
must be fixed so that I can wear it, and I have SO much to
do with my dress now I'm a little anxious. I want to get
started now whilst I still have motivation (that tends to
fade quickly with projects). I worry also that we'll have
a hell of a time like we did at the last dance with pulling
everything together. Mother had to make my floral crown
whilst I showered, and we barely made my appointments in
time, but then several things happened by accident and our
plans were fucked up. This time, I have a perfumed bubble
bath planned before my 2pm appointments. I don't know HOW
I'm going to get myself out of bed before then on a
Saturday, but it shall happen. I'm also making certain I
have strong coffee to drink for that time, and I'm ::gasp::
not wearing any makeup until after I leave the salon! I'm
going to let myself be seen without the blackness around my
eyes and lips! The "mob problem" was solved today for the
most part. There are still bitter emotions, and a secret
that I can tell no one now, but I understand this person's
reasons and love and support them no matter what.
Mother's birds are in the living room. They never
stop chirping, and their voices are as sharp as a broken
window, and as loud as a rock concert. They enrage me....
I must go now. Enjoy...