The Daily Babble
2002-03-14 22:19:44 (UTC)

Almost over!!!

So I have 45 minutes before my last midterm of the week!!!
I'm sitting in the computer lab going through my notes and
messing around on the internet. [Mostly messing around,
hehe]...I have like no motivation to do any studying. But
on another note, I'm so excitd cuz after this class, I'm
done until after break! Woohoooo. Tomorrow I just have
work and then I'm getting together with Jeff at 5:30 cuz
He's taking the early shift. We're going to finish up the
last minute shopping so that we don't have to do anything
major on Sunday. It should be fun.

We had a strange conversation last night on the phone..I
think we were both just moody and involved with things that
we took it out on the wrong people. It was
frustrating..and I ended up crying the end of the
conversation. =-( We talked about it on the phone and a
little bit about it today so hopefully things will be ok.
I think a lot of things are just making us tense
individually and then we take it out on each other when it
has nothing to do with them, you know? Its kinda
frustrating but it happens. But we'll be ok. We're
hanging out tomorrow and then Sunday I'm driving down early
morning to begin our VACATION!! Woohoo.

Tonight should be fun too. I should get out of my exam in
an hour or less so afterwards, I'm getting together with
Meredith and Cathlin at Applebees. I haven't seen Mere
since Christmas break and I haven't seen Cath since
Saturday, haha. But I haven't talked to her in a couple of
days--I guess she's been busy.

Well I guess that's all...I'll write before I leave if I
have anything to tell you all. =-)