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2001-05-13 04:57:55 (UTC)

May 13, 2001

I've been coming in soo early lately. It's 12:48. It's
kinda sad. I hate being home so early but that's all
right. There is nothing else to do in this boring town.

Meghan and I were suppose to go mini-golfing and then go
walk around the boulevard but it started raining so we went
to the mall instead. David called me while I was there and
invited me to Chris's birthday party. It was a no one can
go unless they are invited thing, and he told me I could
bring we ended up going there. It was kinda
cool, I guess. tim was suppose to drive Dawne to her mom's
house but he ended up asking me if I would drive her so she
jsut decided she would go to her dad's because she wanted
to talk to him and that was her only reason for going to
her mom's. He doesn't get how much he hurts her...he's
kind of like oblivious to everything. I don't know...I
guess it's not my business but she is always
upset...always...and i jsut don't want people to be upset
because there is nothing i can do to fix it! I jsut want
the whole world to be happy...but that doesn't seem to be
happening anytime soon.

Evan cut his hair :) It is like it used to be and I love
it! I've always liked his hair like that but he wants to
gros it long again, and I don't know if I like it long but
that's all right, it's his hair :) My mom dyed her hair
again today, well yesterday, and again, it's purple. She
needs to start buying some different brand or soemthing.
Everytime she tries to dye it, it comes out purple!
whatever though, it's not my hair :)

I still want to talk to Joe...I haven't really talked to
him in a while...and I just like letting him know what's
going on with me...I don't know, talking to him jsut makes
me feel better sometimes. He's a good kid.

I guess I'm in a better mood than I was yesterday, but I
still feel like nothing, and I still want everything to
end, but I'm not I guess that is a plus right?