1 day in a life as it dies
2002-03-14 21:32:41 (UTC)


yesterday was ok I guess I got the new Creed cd.... SHUT
UP! I like them well I like a few songs by them, I talked
to a Zen master who said that I have to stop meditating if
I didn't it could really fuck me up, he is a little late,
my psychic abilities have gone through the roof its driving
me crazy along with my brain power, things come to me
without thinking, me and Rosie talked a little even though
she lies a lot to me I still love to talk to her and I
figured out why she is losing all her friends but I cant
tell her why, she will just say its not true but it is she
just needs to see it, but I cant tell her she will see why
later. I have been having more dreams of girls cheating on
me which doesn't help with my moods even though I really
don't mind girls sleeping with other guys when they are
dating me if they want to but it still bugs me. I have been
trying to write poems again but its harder then I thought I
have to tap into all those feelings again and it took so
long to block them up. I got one of those Swiss Cards that
are like a pocket knife only it looks like a credit card,
its got everything I may need in it even a ball point pin
and a knife that is sharp as hell. well that’s my day for
yesterday so bye