Incoherent Thoughts...
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2002-03-14 21:02:48 (UTC)

5$ humiliation, sushi

Music: Offspring...Defy you. (don't ask)

Ah yes, yesterday was quite an interesting day as it turned
out. I was able to accuse the video store clerk of giving
me the wrong change, very nicely of course i told him i
needed 5$ more change. He didn't argue and gave me the
money. Then, on my way to pick up sushi, i realized that
he had infact given me the right change and in the process
of putting the money from hand to wallet, it had fallen
between the seats. So unless i wanted to feel guilty for
the rest of my life i had to give it back..therefore making
a fool of myself in front of a line of customers. =P I
proceeded to go home and enjoy my sushi...mmmm. A small
consolation. This morning i got up and went outside to
play baseball with my was good fun but it's
not even spring yet. None the less, it was good times. Many
more to come hopefully.

Ever know how incredibly hard it is to have a secret...a
big secret and not be able to tell anyone yet? It's hard.
It's killing me and i can only tell people who don't care!
ahaha, anyways. I have a ton of work i shoudl probably
do...but what a suprise i'm not. I work better under
pressure anyways. I am sooooo dissapointed. I was really
looking forward to going out to w'loo this weekend, but now
people who were supposed to give me a ride can't. =( Very
upset. *sniff* well, hopefully all the people i was going
to see will come to the Good Friday i can see
them! :) Well, i'd better stop procrastinating so until
next time...

Over and Out