Is it my turn to grow up now?
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2002-03-14 20:21:28 (UTC)

All about me

know thoses o'so annoying surveys people send eachother?
well, i thought it might me interesting to put mine read away!!

Name: Amanda
middle Name: Rose
Were you named after anyone:a kid my mum used to babysit
(amanda), and my great great aunt(rose)
Nicknames: mandy, pao,pain-in-the-ass-a,Amandy,Ashley (lol)
manda, stoopid, hey you, wookie(dont ask)lil' one,
Place of birth: Malden hospital
Sign: Scorpio
Birthdate: October 28,1986
Location: Stoneham
Nationality: Italian,french candian,german,english....but i
look mostly Italian...
Hair color:Brown
Is your Hair Long or Short:umm...kinda in between i think
Is your Hair Straight or Curly: curly!
Eye color:Brown
Height: 4'11" and if i dont grow by time im 18, im a legal
midget!! hanycap license plate!
Shoe size: i go from a 4 to a 6 1/2(it depends on the shoe!)
Describe your personality in 3 words: he!he!he!
(what is your fav....)
Color:dont got one
Sport:dance, and looks fun too even tho
id prob. die ...and even tho it aint a sport, I LOVE DRAMA!
Song: i gota bunch....Simply Irresisitble, God must have
spent, Say a little prayer for you,j.giles,and anything
disco or 80s
Show: F*R*I*E*N*D*S , Will & Grace, ER
Store:anyplace i can get awesome cloths cheap lol!
Fruit:Kiwi, watermelon,practily all fruit, except plums....
Veggie:asparagas, broccali...i no, im wierd!
Game: dono
Movie: the matrix,My Best Friends Wedding,Billy Madison,
and lots more (but not clerks!!! lol)
Flavor of ice cream: every flavor is good for me!
Actor: Ryan Phillippe, Brad Pitt, Sean Biggerstaff, ect.
Actress: i dono....
Hollywood couple: it was drew barrymore and tom green lol
Girl Names: Nataile, Bianca
Boy Names: Nathen, Daniel(and no, its not refering to HIM!)
Objects in your room: my cd player, and my mirror...oh yes,
and my bed(zzz...zzzz...zzz..)
Brand of shoes:vans,adidas....i guess...i dont really pay
Season: summer! most def!
Place to go: Florida, Hersey Park(smell that chocolate!!)
Article of Clothing: everything!
Perfume/Cologne: Fetish
Theme Park: Disney, Hersey Park, Busch Gardens, Six
Music Video: simply irresistible, Lady Marmalade,
magazine: CosmoGirl, Teen People, and all those other teen
magazines that are all exactly alike lol
Country: Jamacia!! and anyother island
Thing to Drink: Lemonade, ice tea, capri suns lol
CD: 54(as in Studio 54)
Hotel:anything in disney, and the Holiday Inn in Concord,
NH lol
Website:no clue
Been on a plane: Many times
Cried in Public: probly wen i was little
Been on a motorcycle: my uncle's
sat in a Restaurant without ordering anything: yep all the
Met a Celebrity: yep, met pink on Newbury St. in Boston
Ran from the Cops: never
Been convicted of a Crime: who me?
Went for a week without washing your hair: ew no
Bought Ice Cream From an ice cream truck: who hasent??
Tipped over a Port O potty: god no those things are too
Dyed your hair: lightened it
Cheated on a test: comment ;P
Been in Love: not at my age, puppy love comes and goes....
Lied about your age:yea
Fallen asleep during a scary movie: yea lol
Silver or Gold: platnium hehe
Paper or plastic: paper, easier to recycle
Skirts or Pants: pants
Put hair up or Leave it Down: both
Dark or Light Nail Polish: light
10 acquaintances or 2 best friend:2 best friends
Chocolate or Vanilla: what do u think? obviously chocolate!
XXX or OOO in Tic-Tac-Toe: XXX(you go first)
Colored or black & white Photos: both
Hot or Cold: hott
Shower or Bath:bath, but a shower is cool when im in a rush
Pen or pencil: pen
Read or Write:read
Chocolate Milk or White Milk: duh!!
Mountains or The Beach: Beach!
Roses or Daisies: both
One Pillow or Two: like, 20
Go barefoot or Wear Shoes: shoes
Romantic-Hot Tub or Shower?: hot tub
Poor and happy or Rich and Sad: poor and happy
sun or Moon: both
Winter or Summer: summer!!!!!!!!
Dinner or Supper: i dont care, as long as i eat!
Read The Book or See the Movie: read the book
Plain M&M'Ss or Peanut M&M's: plain
Walk or Run: walk
eat or Sleep: sleep alot
Sunrise or Sunset: sunset (more romantic)
*NSYNC or Backstreet Boys: NSYNC
Pepsi or Coke: neither, i like Dr.Pepper
G/f or B/f name: dont got one

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