Is it my turn to grow up now?
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2002-03-14 20:20:25 (UTC)

Lil' one's words to a great guy

if there was one guy in the world that i absoluty could not
live without, it would be you. i know you've probaly heard
this all before, but i just want you to know, that you are
extra special to me. You listen when i tell you things,
jokes, funny stories, and all that emotional sh*t,
especially the kind that have been locked up inside me for
who knows how long. But the thing that is even greater than
that is you comfort me. You tell me everything is ok, you
try and cheer me up, you give me a HUGE hug the very next
day :).... I hate it when you make me cry, but whenever
there is the slightest hint of tears, you always seem to
find a way to make me smile. And a night of tears is always
followed by a full day of laughter :)... And even though i
feel horrible when you have to sit and listen to my f*cked
up life, im glad you do. I mean, you gota understand where
im coming from, your baby of the family too. I just cant
run up to my sister and tell her everything, cuz it doesnt
work that way, and my friends always seem to think that
everyone is just searching for sympathy......You save me
alot of anguish and pain by letting me get things off my
chest now, than later on in life, when it may get worse.
You've taught me that sh*t happens, but life goes on, and
there is always someone who has is worse you...You have
also taught me that life doent suck like i said it does, i
admit it, you are right.......Im not trying to get you to
like me in 'that way', because i dont want you too, and i
dont like you that way either....i love you as a friend,
and hope nothing in the world changes that. I just wanted
to let you know that you have made life a little easier
this year, and you are definitly an angel here on earth.

lil one

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