Is it my turn to grow up now?
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2002-03-14 20:18:39 (UTC)

I need I want

i've noticed i've changed over the past couple of months. I
dont know why. Maybe its cuz im growing up, or maybe its
because of the people i've been hanging around latly. I
dono. but im starting to like it. I've grown much more
intouch with myself, and im beginning to think realisticly
and clearly for a change.

For example, when my firends tell me that they "need a
boyfriend" i just look at them disaprovingly, and walk
away. Later on, if they ask why i did that, then i'll tell
them that they dont NEED a boyfriend, they WANT a
boyfriend. They already have all the love they could ever
need, wether its from best friends, family, or guys that
are friends. I personally think its silly. Im not saying
that all boyfriends are useless tho. I enjoy having a
boyfriend, or someone to lean on and talk to besides the
people i normally see everyday(or someone to snuggle with
during a movie, and sweetly kiss goodnight after a date)
However, i can survive perfectly fine without one. Its just
when people say they "NEED" one it makes them seem like
they are insecure and think low of themselves because all
they want is for someone to tell them they love them, when
they already have soo many people to do that for them. And
its not even REAL love. Love is on the inside. It shouldnt
matter what a person looks like or what they are good at if
you love them. Its how the person feels, acts, and
thinks...that is love..Looks, talent, and sexuality is all
lust......No one needs a girlfriend or a boyfriend....they
jsut need to shorten the words..all they need are FRIENDS.

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