Is it my turn to grow up now?
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2002-03-14 20:18:09 (UTC)

Is it my turn to grow up yet?

Is it my turn to grow up now?

Is it my turn to grow up now? Latly i've been thinking
about many things that have never really crossed my mind
before, or have never really seemed important to me. My
opinions are changing, and i often catch myself saying
things to friends that are, well, quite impressive. Maybe
its the people i've been hanging around latly, or maybe its
just and emotional time for me right now, or maybe its my
turn to grow up.....

The other day, my friend was worried about hanging out with
this boy she likes. She was afraid his ex would find out,
and take a hissy fit and bitch at her(or even spread rumors
about her). i told her she has no control over who he hangs
out with, its his life, she has no authority. No one can
control what he does or who he does it with(except maybe
his parents!). Im also kind of friends with the ex's
sister too, and i think his old girlfriend is a great
person. i was even upset when they broke up! i just dont
see why my friend was all upset over something that most
likly would not happen, and if it did, just keep your cool
and dont get upset over it. He would probaly be upset too
if something like that happend, and he is most likly better
at straightening things out with her than she is(my friend
that is).

^sorry there is no easier way to write it w/o mentioning

Today, my english teacher even noticed i've been acting
differently. I'm usually the one willing to learn in
class, but have my words about EVERYTHING and its usually
negative,"i dont want to do this" "this makes no
sense" "its too hard" "more homework?!" she told me that
even before feb. vacation, i started to act differently.
She said i put more into my journal, and i express myself
in class more. She also said im more mature(not that i
wasnt to begin with, despite my "homework sucks" attitude
from the beginning of the year).

I hope i stay this way. I like amanzing myself(not to sound trying not to) i like having deep thoughts
about things that are important to me,(hey they might not
seem deep to you, but they are for me...) and i love having
my friends there to help straighten out problems, or
confusing thoughts......thanks to all, I LOVE YOU!

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