Kat's Amazingly Wonderful Diary
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2002-03-14 20:03:46 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
OH MY GOD! There is this guy in my school who I am totally
crushing on. His name is Shane (alright, it's the only
name I could think of) and he is absolutley perfect! He's
hot, and sweet, and smart, and absolutley perfect! OK, so,
we're in math today and, totally out of character, I began
hitting on him. But, surprise surprise, he started
flirting back! K, so, I'm sitting there, and I turn around
to talk to my friend Kaylie (remember, the Mormon one?) and
she's all like "you should ask him out!" And he hears her,
and is all like "ask who out?" and, of course, I freeze,
and am all like "it's someone you know really well." So he
starts guessing, but I refuse to answer him. Then I asked
him whether he thought it was ok for a girl to ask out a
guy, and he said that it depended on the situation. After
that, the conversation pretty much ended, but I think I
might ask him out. He's really popular though, so I don't
know how that's going to work. Well, wish me luck!

The tongue tied and love lorn,

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