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2002-03-14 19:10:33 (UTC)

One Day I'll Fly Away

Okay, it's almost been a week since KMK closed and I don't
know what to do with myself. I miss my buddies. :(. True, I
still talk to Jon online and I have classes with Jessi, but
I rarely get to see Carlos or Ceclia or any of my little
cockroach kids. :(. It was cute, I actually saw both of
them today. Ceclia came up to me and gave me a hug and told
me that Carlos was looking everywhere for me. He didn't
believe that I actually exist. He told her he tought I was
just a figment of his imagination, a Puma wearing, singing,
dancing figment. Cute. But he found me soon after she left.
He came and gave me a hug too and said, "See, I knew you
were real!" :). Then when Frank came to say hi, he had
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts with him and Carlos bought me one.
Nummy :P. I also saw my little AJ this morning, mmm... he
gives the best hugs... they're those "I'm here now and
everything is going to be okay" hugs. Whatdayasay? = Wuzup?
Question mark? That's what is wrtten on the board in my
computerized office right now. Mr. Pock writes some strange
things sometimes. Mmm... I tired, but seeing as I slept
through my first two classes and Carlos gave me sugar, I'm
feelin pretty good right now. I have vocal academy class
tonight. I haven't been in two weeks and I need to sing my
solo piece that I'm working on right now. Actually, I'm
working on two, one from Pearl Harbor for the showcase, and
one classical piece by andrea boceilli called "Time to say
goodbye" for the demo recordings. I haven't worked on
either in a while, so i'm a little rusty. Hmmm...not good.
I think I decided that my prom dress is going to be
fashioned after "The Red Dress" from the Elephant Love
Scene in Moulin Rouge. I have to get it made, but my mom
said she would finance it. Cool. I don't have Nicole's grat
figure, but my fashion guru, Jen, seems to think I can pull
it off. So i'll try. I'm looking every where for production
stills that I can print out from the movie. I'd really like
to find the designers original drawings, that'd be cool. I
hope the rest of my day is good.

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